NELA's Statement on the January 6th Capital Violence

NELA's Statement on the January 6th Capital Violence

The New England Library Association strongly condemns the storming and violent occupation of Washington DC’s Capitol by rioters. This is an affront to the ideals of democracy that are at the heart of librarianship, fueled by white supremacy and the incendiary remarks, conspiracy theories, and lies of a select group of powerful politicians.

We are heartened to see that this insurrection has failed, and that this attack intended to disrupt and destroy the work of US lawmakers instead only served to delay it. However, this violent incident underscores the real work that needs to be done. Our country is facing complex and serious challenges, from disinformation to extreme polarization, widespread economic inequality, and systemic racism.

Libraries across the United States are the heart and soul of their communities, and are therefore uniquely positioned to effect change. We must work together to challenge these rising threats to democracy, as they are also threats to the core values of our profession. We must commit ourselves to working within our communities, our profession, and our institutions to educate our communities about misinformation, advocate for equality, condemn racism in all its forms*, and defend our principles of freedom and access.

Mike Zeller, NELA President & NELA Administrative Board

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