State Reps to NELA Board

A representative from each of the six New England states serves on NELA's Executive Board to ensure ongoing dialog with local members and state associations.

Visit the Connecticut Library Association
Connecticut State Representative
Heloise Nana
Ferguson Library, CT
413-323-5925, ext 120
[email protected]

Visit the Maine Library Association
Maine State Representative
Michelle Sampson
York Public Library, ME
413-323-5925, ext 121
[email protected]

Visit the Massachusetts Library Association
Massachusetts State Representative
Kelly Linehan
Waltham Public Library, MA
413-323-5925, ext 122
[email protected]
Visit the New Hampshire Library Association
New Hampshire State Representative
Amber Coughlin
Lebanon Public Libraries, NH
413-323-5925, ext 123
[email protected]
Visit the Rhode Island Library Association
Rhode Island State Representative
Meredith Bonds-Harmon
East Providence Public Library, RI
413-323-5925, ext 124
[email protected]
Visit the Vermont Library Association
Vermont State Representative
Amy McMullen
Hartland Public Library, VT
413-323-5925, ext 125
[email protected]