2022 - 2023 Executive Board is Seeking Nominations!

Open Positions

Vice President | Secretary | Member-at-Large

Deadline to submit - April 4th

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Vice President:
  • Substitutes for the President in President’s absence.
  • Becomes Acting President upon death, resignation, or other incapacity of the President.
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Board, and Administrative, Conference, Personnel, and Finance Committees.
  • Approves Presidential expenditures with the Treasurer.
  • Works with the President on advocacy issues.
  • Observes and learns all aspects of the Organization in preparation for becoming President.
  • Works with the Members-at-Large to make sure Committees, Sections, and State Reps receive orientation, onboarding, and the support necessary for their roles.
  • Checks in with Board members a minimum of three times a year to discuss progress on their goals and to assist with achieving them.
  • As Vice President Elect, selects a Conference Chair for appointment to a two year term, to be approved by the Executive Board at the September meeting.
  • As President Elect, appoints committee chairs to be approved by the Executive Board at the September meeting.

  • Serves as a member of the Administrative Committee and the Executive Board.
  • Records minutes of all Administrative Committee and Executive Board meetings.
  • Records minutes of Annual Business Meeting.
  • Prepares minutes for distribution or publication within 2 weeks.
  • Sends a reminder to the Executive Board to submit all reports at least five days prior to all regularly scheduled Executive Board meetings.
  • Ensures that official minutes are added to the meeting folder for the date of the meeting, as well as archived in the proper location(s).

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Board, and the Administrative and Governance committees.
  • Work with the Vice President to make sure Committees, Sections, and State Representatives receive orientation, onboarding, and the support necessary for their roles.
  • Liaison to the sections and committees and provides assistance with the continuing education programs they offer.
  • Oversee ongoing career development programs offered by the organization, including Resume Review and Mentorship.
  • Assists in planning orientation and onboarding of the Executive Board.
  • Coordinates onboarding of new section/committee chairs who are unable to attend orientation or who assume the position midway through the year.
  • Assist the President and Vice President with Association projects and initiatives.
  • The second-year Member at Large serves on the Personnel Committee.

Service on the NELA Executive Board in an officer position is a chance to help drive the decisions of our library association and to help set future directions to continue supporting librarians in New England. This is an exciting time to join the leadership of NELA as we continue to grow our membership.

Serving on the Executive Board is a chance to grow personally and professionally, develop new skills, and work with a team of other inspired professionals. Serving on the Board also provides these unique opportunities:

  • Develop valuable skills in planning, leadership, and organizational governance.
  • Expand your network of professional contacts.
  • Gain recognition from your supervisor and others in the field.
  • Have a great time the 4th Friday of every other month!

Help lead your regional association and profession into the future by nominating a colleague or yourself for one of the open positions.

The Call for Nominations closes on April 4th and the election will be held later this spring.  New board members take office at the annual conference in October 2022.  For more information, please feel free to reach out to Mike Zeller, Past-President, [email protected].

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