*NEW* NELA Mentor/Mentee Training Workshops!

Did you know that one of the rewards of having an active NELA membership is being able to participate in NELA's Mentor/Mentee Program? Joining NELA's list of available mentors is a great way to volunteer at your own pace. NELA will always respect a mentor's decision if they decide they are unable to accept a mentee request.

We are also excited to be launching the *NEW* NELA Mentor/Mentee Training Workshops in September. These free, virtual workshops are a requirement to participate in the mentor/mentee program. We will be holding two mentee training sessions and two mentor training sessions. The workshop dates and times are below. You only need to attend ONE session.

(If you are already on our mentor/mentee lists, you should have already received a separate email with workshop instructions).

 Mentees: Tuesday, September, 19th at 10:00am OR 1:00pm

Mentors: Tuesday, September 26th at 10:00am OR 1:00pm
Mentor/Mentee Training Workshops
The training workshops will be led by Chris Margadonna, Sr. Director of Training & Partnerships at MENTOR Rhode Island. Chris brings his extraordinary expertise to NELA’s new training workshops for mentors and mentees. Chris is responsible for developing MENTOR RI’s partnerships within the community and training mentors, program staff, and those who regularly work with children. His work provides access to quality mentors and mentoring programs for hundreds, if not thousands, of children throughout Rhode Island. Chris has provided training workshops for the Rhode Island Library Association.

The training workshops are an opportunity to learn more about the expectations of mentoring and being mentored. Provided by Chris Margadonna, the following elements will guide the training workshop attendees to connect, focus, and grow as mentors and mentees.

Connect - This content will offer tangible strategies and tactics to help mentors and mentees build trust and rapport. We will integrate a focus on cultural awareness and humility, equipping mentors and mentees with tools and the opportunity to reflect on potential biases that may limit success in mentoring relationships.

Focus - This content will provide mentors and mentees with tools and activities in setting goals and creating action plans to achieve those goals. We will integrate effective coaching techniques, so that mentors are not directing the goal setting process with mentees, but rather creating a safe and structured space to reflect on and prioritize short and long-term goals.

Grow - This content will review effective practices for giving and receiving feedback as well as dealing with common challenges in mentoring relationships. It will equip mentors and mentees with useful strategies for cultivating and practicing a growth mindset.


  • Q: Who should attend these workshops?
    • A: These trainings are only for those who are seriously seeking a mentor or seriously interested in becoming a mentor. Q: What kind of mentors are we looking for? A: We are seeking mentors from all areas of librarianship and types of libraries. However, we are seeing the most need from mentees seeking people from an academic library background, with experience in youth services, or seeking general guidance to improve their leadership skills.
  • Q: Do you have to be a NELA member to participate in the Mentor/Mentee program?
    • A: Yes, both mentors and mentees much have an active NELA membership.
  • Q: What does a typical mentor/mentee relationship look like?
    • A: Once matched, a typical mentor/mentee relationship will consist of a one-year term, during which they shall communicate monthly via phone, video conferencing, email, or in person. Both mentor and mentee must be upfront and clear with each other about their availability and desired goals.
  • Q: Do mentors and mentees need to be able to meet in person?
    • A: There is no requirement for mentors and mentees to meet in person. This gives NELA more flexibility to match mentees based on their needs, rather than geographical proximity. However, if you are able to meet in-person, you are very welcome to do so!
Mentor/Mentee Training Workshops
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